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Shoulder Pain Treatment in San Jose

person with shoulder painA fall, a sports injury, overdoing a chore like painting. These are some common reasons why people experience shoulder pain. Inflammation within the joints, tendon impingement, rotator cuff muscle injuries, and shoulder joint instability are all potential causes of discomfort.

As the shoulder is a complex ball-and-socket joint, it allows a lot of movements, so it needs to be very secure and stable. Sometimes, repetitive stress to the joint, some type of injury, or prolonged poor posture can lead to misalignments or changes that result in shoulder pain.

Identifying whether the pain originates in the shoulder or arm can be challenging due to numerous conditions. However, certain signs can help differentiate between muscular or joint-related issues. If the pain occurs even when the shoulder is at rest, it is unlikely to be purely muscular, potentially indicating inflammation within the joint or referred pain from another source.

Conversely, if the discomfort arises during motion or specific activities involving the shoulder, it is more likely to be muscular or due to ligament or tendon injuries. This pain may manifest as sharp or dull and achy sensations with a limited range of motion.

Diagnosis and Pain Management

Our practice offers a thorough diagnosis and effective management of shoulder pain conditions. Through comprehensive examinations, we aim to understand the underlying cause of the discomfort accurately. We may also use MRI or X-ray imaging for further insights when necessary. In cases where a tear or more severe condition is detected, we work in conjunction with orthopedic doctors to provide collaborative care.

Treatment approaches vary depending on the specific diagnosis. For misalignments, adjustments in the shoulder may be performed. In instances of tendinitis or muscular issues, our practice specializes in soft tissue work techniques. Following this, rehabilitation exercises are incorporated to strengthen the shoulder and restore proper function.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend stretches to help my discomfort?

Prescribing specific stretches without a confirmed diagnosis can potentially worsen the condition. Due to the generic nature of shoulder pain, tailored stretching recommendations can only be provided once the underlying cause has been identified.

Should I put ice or heat on my injured shoulder?

For acute shoulder injuries, we recommend applying ice and immobilizing the shoulder until a proper examination by a healthcare professional can be conducted.

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Shoulder conditions are frequently encountered at our practice, and our doctors are dedicated to alleviating discomfort and improving the quality of life for our patients. Contact New Hope Chiropractic today to book an appointment!



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