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Sciatica Treatment in San Jose

Woman in a pink sweater with lower back painIs sciatic pain impacting your quality of life? Maybe you’re an office worker in Silicon Valley with sciatica due to prolonged sitting, or you have a herniated disc causing your pain. Those suffering from sciatica experience radiating nerve pain that starts from the lower back into the buttock, hip, and leg. The pain can be in the form of numbness, tingling, or burning. Others could experience an achy, sharp, shooting type of pain. How sciatica manifests varies from patient to patient.

What Are Some Causes?

Here are some of the common reasons why people may experience sciatica:
  • Disc herniation
  • Pregnancy
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Piriformis syndrome

During your consultation, we will ask our patients about their activities that could be causing sciatica. For example, are they lifting too much? “Diagnosing is the most important part because the nerve compression can be anywhere along the lower back or even into the hip and the buttock area,” Dr. Chun said. Usually, we’ll start at the lower back. For patients with significant sciatica pain, we’ll send them out for an MRI of the lower back. The doctors at New Hope Chiropractic also can perform some ortho/neuro exams to determine where the pinch is. If it’s a straightforward case we will provide some treatments on the first visit. If the doctors at our office determine that your case is more complicated, we might refer you to a neurologist for NCV and EMG testing. Then, the doctors would review the results of those tests before providing treatment. “We always seek to do a very detailed exam, particularly for our neurological sciatic patients, because it’s all about making the proper diagnosis and getting to the root cause. At our practice, you won’t be ‘cracked’ here and there. Before we begin to provide treatment we ensure that we get the diagnosis right,” said Dr. Chun.

As no two sciatica patients are alike, we offer customized treatment plans to get the best possible results. We have multiple techniques we can use to address your sciatica. If you have a disc herniation in the lower back that’s causing sciatica, we’ll do some decompression or traction in that area to open up where the nerve comes out from. Soft tissue adjustments in the beginning also will be given to take the pressure off of the nerve. We’ll also do some adjustments in the mid-back and the hips to make sure that it doesn’t cause any extra pressure in the lower back region.

When will I start seeing results?

Everyone, of course, will respond differently to treatment. Some patients may start seeing dramatic improvement in a week while others may take longer. Typically, patients with sciatica experience a resolution of their symptoms in about 4-6 week. The time it takes to resolve will vary from patient to patient. Because Dr. Chun always has his patients’ best interest at heart, if he can’t help resolve your sciatica, he will refer you to someone who may be able to help. We never keep anyone too long without getting results.
Will you provide exercises I can do at home?
Yes, we’ll give you different therapy exercises that can help strengthen your core.
Do you offer other recommendations that can help my sciatica?
Yes, Dr. Chun can talk about things such as sleep positions and things to avoid such as sitting too long at your workstation.

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