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Plantar Fasciitis

pain radiating from heelIf you’re experiencing chronic heel pain, you don’t have to turn to medications or surgery for help. The doctors at New Hope Chiropractic are skilled and experienced in responding to plantar fasciitis. Our precise adjustments and therapies help decrease pain and rehabilitate the foot, so you can jump back into action again, knowing your body is working the way it should.

This condition can be completely resolved with proper care. Some of our patients were scheduled for a surgery to relieve pain by cutting the fascia. After working through our regimen of care, they avoided surgery and achieved effective healing naturally.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

A thick fiber runs along the bottom of your foot, connecting your toes with your heel. This fiber helps create the arch in your foot, which contributes to stability. People with a good arch tend to have fewer injuries, as the arch supports the way they walk and move.

When this fiber in your foot stretches too far or becomes strained, it causes pain in the heel. While anyone can experience this condition, it is most common in athletes. Runners who frequently experience pounding movements in the feet, people who stand a lot, and even people who are overweight can end up with a strain resulting in discomfort.

Poor footwear can also lead to this condition, especially if you have dropped arches. Regularly wearing shoes without support, like high heels, puts a lot of pressure on the bottom of your foot.

Investing in Your Health Foundation

Heel pain is the primary symptom of this condition. It’s common to experience sharp pain in the morning when you first get out of bed, or anytime you have been immobile and are getting back up. Pain tends to fade with walking and movement.

If you’re in regular pain, it’s important to get care as soon as possible. Your feet are the foundation of everything you do. Walking through pain changes the mechanics of your movements as you try to take pressure off the heel. An improper gait can lead to problems in your ankles, hips, and even lower back.

Prompt rehabilitation will help you end pain before it causes further problems elsewhere in the body.

Thorough Assessments and Exams

Our team of doctors starts with a thorough evaluation. We’ll talk to you about your history to find out if you’ve had a similar problem in the past. The chiropractor will apply stress to the affected joints to see if we can reproduce the pain and evaluate its severity.

Be prepared to take off your shoes so we can look at your arches and compare the left and right foot. We’ll also check for any scar tissue buildup, restrictions, or mechanical issues in the foot or ankle. If you’ve been in chronic pain for years, we’ll likely refer you for X-rays to check for spurring at the heel. In that case, you may also need to see an orthopedic doctor or other qualified practitioner alongside chiropractic care.

Expert Rehabilitative Care

Patients who limp into our office with severe pain generally need to begin with therapies like muscle stimulation to reduce the severity of pain and inflammation, before returning for continued care. Most patients can begin with adjustments, exercises, and stretches on day one. We provide personalized care that takes into account your injury and the condition of your foot as we walk you through a careful rehab process.

We’ll talk with you about your footwear to make sure you’re choosing shoes with proper support. If necessary, we can provide custom orthotics. We may also refer you to get custom fitted shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I return to physical activity?

Every patient’s body and recovery time are different. We’ll try to get you out of pain as soon as possible. From there, we’ll keep you updated on your progress, so you know what to expect.

What can I do outside the clinic to promote healing?

We’ll empower you with the specific exercises that will best rehabilitate your foot. Our team will also assess your footwear and recommend shoe choices to provide sufficient support.

What causes this condition?

Causes range from excessive running to being overweight. Using proper footwear, regularly stretching, or losing a few pounds can help prevent this condition from coming back.

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