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Neck Pain

Desk job neck pain

Suffering From Neck Pain? We Can Help!

Have you ever tried to back out of a parking spot, only to feel a sharp pain sear down your neck and arm? Or maybe you toss and turn at night, unable to sleep comfortably because your neck feels stiff and it hurts to lay your head down. Perhaps your neck muscles feel tight, heavy or fatigued.

If your posture is a few degrees off from where it should be while you’re working at your desk, on your devices or looking down and scrolling through Instagram in your free time, you could experience a literal pain in the neck and these symptoms are a good indication that it’s time to come see us for an adjustment.

In Silicon Valley, we’re no strangers to seeing patients at New Hope Chiropractic who are feeling the effects of “tech neck.” In fact, many of our patients are engineers who spend a lot of time in front of computers. Tech neck is also starting to occur earlier and earlier in our patients, as even our little ones are looking down at devices in school and at home, and using improper posture while doing so.

No matter what has caused the neck pain, you need relief and we can help.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

Neck pain can really put a damper on enjoying your life. It’s hard to walk and run, to sit, to drive and enjoy your hobbies when you have limited neck mobility and pain.

Dr. Daniel Chun, Dr. Rich Jae Ho Roh or Dr. Jack Vong will observe your posture during your first appointment, and then check for your range of motion. A patient’s range of motion will tell the doctors if the joint is locked up in a certain position, if the muscle is tight, or if a muscle isn’t firing correctly.

The doctor will then check the surrounding paraspinal muscle in the neck if there is any spasming or adhesions. After they develop your diagnosis, you may have to have an X-ray or MRI for further information gathering.

For any joint that is locked up or fixated, your doctor will give you an adjustment. They will use the Graston® treatment on any muscle that has adhesions and isn’t allowing the muscle to move in its normal range of motion. They will also perform tractioning of the neck if there is some disc involvement or nerve impingement. Your doctor will also do gentle stretches to open the neck muscles.
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Prevention is Key

Posture is important when it comes to neck pain and preventing it from returning. If a patient has poor posture, it’s likely due to a tightness of their chest muscles and the weakness of their back muscles. Our doctors will not only check for muscles that are weak and then strengthen those areas during your appointments, but they’ll also stretch them out and do soft tissue work to create normal functioning and lengthening of the muscle fibers.

Patients will also be given tips about what they should be doing in the workplace and at home to keep feeling great after visits.

Call Us Today to Reduce Your Neck Pain

Don’t let your neck pain continue to affect your life. Contact us today and schedule an appointment. You’re just one phone call away from getting back to feeling great!



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