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Herniated Discs

sitting on couch with leg pain

Natural Treatment Options for Herniated Discs

Having a herniated disc can make life very difficult. Depending on the area of nerve damage and pinching in the spinal column, it can mean you have continual numbness and feel tingling in the legs, you may have shooting pains and burning sensations, and you might experience decreased or hypersensitive sensations in your legs.

If the herniated disc is in your neck, it may cause tightness in your muscles, spasming, tingling into your arms and hands and even burning sensations in your arms.

So you know you are in pain—but what is exactly happening in your body? Think about it this way: discs are the tissue in-between your spinal column bones, and act like a shock absorber would on your vehicle. On the outside of the disc is a tough fibrotic material, with jelly-like material inside. In time, with age or due to injury, the outer material can tear and the jelly material can move out of its proper home. When that material comes out and hits a nerve, it causes pain.

There are different levels of herniation: a bulge, a protrusion, extrusion, and a sequestered disc. We figure out the severity of your problem with an appropriate neuro exam. We will then refer you for an MRI and begin to build your treatment plan based on our diagnosis.

Our Approach

At New Hope Chiropractic, we take a more conservative approach to care. Drs. Daniel Chun, Rich Jae Ho Roh and Jack Vong see a significant number of herniated discs each year, and consider it one of their specialties. They will use an instrument to adjust and traction the vertebral segment. They will also give you posture tips and other exercises to alleviate symptoms and decrease the disc herniation. They work closely with neurologists as well, and refer to a neurosurgeon when it’s necessary.

The Patient is Always First at New Hope Chiropractic

At New Hope Chiropractic, the patient is always our first priority and we will ensure you get the help you need for your issue. If the level of herniation can’t be helped with chiropractic treatments alone, we know the best in the business to help you neurologically.

We understand that you’re in pain, and we know it can be scary for patients to experience. We’ll help you get back on your feet, enjoying your life once more, and on a path toward healing. Call us today to see how we can help you take the first step toward a healthier, pain-free you.



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